samedi 5 septembre 2009

Bayonetta re-envisioned Art. Vote now !

Sega launched an art contest based on the heroine of Bayonetta on July 2009. Fans are invited to vote for the best submission at

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jeudi 3 septembre 2009

Paris Game Festival - Festival du Jeu Video

The Paris Game Festival will take place from the 18th to the 20th of September 2009 in Paris, France. It should gather more than 70,000 visitors. I will attend the festival and post some photos soon.

GTA IV - The Ballad of Gay Tony

Check the new trailer

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dimanche 30 août 2009

Video Games and Cultural Realities

Courrier International published an interesting article about video games and cultural realities.

Check the original article in English.
French translation is here.

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