samedi 15 août 2009

Manga no tatsujin - Manga drawing course

I stumbled upon a video on TV two days ago which promotes a new manga drawing course. I bought issue one and it looks really promising. The drawing method is the one I use for characters. Explanations are clear even for beginners. Material featured is used by professional mangakas. This manga drawing course exists in Japanese and French.
the French version is available in Canada-USA, France, Switzerland and Belgium. I haven't found any English version of this course.

Manga No Tatsujin (Japanese Site)
Cours de Dessin Manga (French Site)
ExpressMag (USA-Canada)

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Evil Dead Trilogy

Evil Dead is the first movie I rented at a video store. I watched it yesterday and I found it quite entertaining even if it's a little bit dated. Sam Raimi is a very talented director. That reminds me of another movie called 'Dead Snow'.

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