mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Isabelle Adjani in 'Handsome like Bowie'

I stumbled upon this video of Isabelle Adjani the other day when I was looking for some info about Klaus Nomi. Actually, it's related to David Bowie. 'Beau oui comme Bowie' (Handsome like Bowie) is more like an homage to the artist. I can't get this Guitar riff out of my head. By the way, Isabelle Adjani is a French actress.

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The Sega Museum

I took some pictures of the Sega Museum at the Japan Expo 2009. It brought back good memories. Unfortunately, Sega abandoned the hardware market because of some bad strategy (in my opinion).
Anyway, check the pictures below :

Nomad which could play Genesis / Mega Drive cartridges

Mega Drive II+Sega 32x+Sega CD - Wonder Mega on your right

Sega Saturn

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Genesis/Mega Drive + Sega CD

Sega Museum Entrance

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