jeudi 28 mai 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Under the weather ?  Nothing like a good song to start the day.

lundi 25 mai 2009

Cinema 4D Artists

There is one Spanish artist who got me interested in Cinema 4D. His work done especially with textures is really astonishing. Check for more details. Our Spanish readers should also visit

Finally, here is a video  which also got me interested in this great software :

dimanche 24 mai 2009

Cinema 4D praised by designers

Last week, I attended a conference about Cinema 4D. It is a 3D design software from Maxon, a german company, used by architects and media companies. I have been using this software since Release 7 and I have always been satisfied with its simplicity and stability. Compared to Maya, Cinema 4 D allows you to turn ideas into reality easily. The book illustration featured in the book section shows you what can be accomplished in 3 minutes... Cinema 4D is just like Photoshop for 3d design.

Their website has just been redisigned with full of video news and is available in French and Russian now.

Take a look at the footage below to get the idea :