lundi 18 mai 2009

Navigator compatibility

You might not know but there is a big difference between Safari (Mac) and Microsoft Explorer regarding the Domo-Sudoku content displayed (font size, effects, ...). Microsoft uses its own version of Javascript and I have been very cautious to assure a good compatibility with multiple navigators. Mozilla Firefox is a good alternative too. For those interested, I use a great tool at from Geotek to check compatibility between different versions of Microsoft Explorer. I use a macintosh computer so it is really helpful.

New Sudoku Gameplay

Domo-Sudoku has been updated with a new gameplay. Now, it is easy to complete a sudoku puzzle with the auto-check on. You can still complete the sudoku puzzle manually if you wish. Just uncheck auto-check. Also, minor design changes have been made to the whole site (menu, character size, ...). Our sudoku widgets will be soon updated to reflect this new gameplay.