vendredi 1 mai 2009

How to add Sudoku to your Blog

Follow these step by step instructions If you want to add our sudoku gadget to your blog (Blogger) just like the one on your right :

1 - Click Customize in the menu bar
2 - Go to Layout and choose Page Elements
3 - On the right, choose Add a Gadget
4 - You should display the Basic section. Click HTML/Javascript
5 - A form should appear. Fill in the Title and copy/paste the code below into the Content field :

<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>

6 - you are done !

This sudoku gadget will surely look cool in your blog. Do not hesitate to share it with other bloggers if you wish as it is totally free. You may leave a comment with a link to your site displaying this gadget.

Oops... Power outage

Well,  I had a power outage yesterday and I lost some data. Hopefully, I saved  my calculations several times but it was not enough. Now, I am recalculating the missing stuff (25% left) and I hope the Evil level will operational tomorrow.

mardi 28 avril 2009

New evil level for Sudoku Classic

A new evil level for  Sudoku classic should be operational in a few hours. It just takes time to calculate 10,000 sudoku puzzles. We will surely post a comment about the making of Domo-Sudoku sometime. We also promoted Domo-sudoku through the web. Traffic should increase in a few weeks especially in spanish speaking communities.

lundi 27 avril 2009

Domo-Sudoku updated - actualizado - actualisé 

We have just updated the difficulty level of each sudoku section. Many players told us that they wanted easier sudoku puzzles and found the classic ones too difficult to resolve. Now, we have a starter 9x9 section for beginners. Moreover, classic sudoku puzzles have progressive difficulty in each level which was not the case before. We always update Domo-Sudoku with new content. So 
keep in touch !

Hemos actualizado el nivel de dificultad de cada sección de sudoku. Muchos jugadores nos dijerón que querían rompecabezas más fácil y encontrarón los clásicos demasiado difícil. Ahora, tenemos una sección para los principiantes (Starter 9x9). Además, los sudokus clásicos tienen dificultad progresiva en cada nivel. No era el caso antes. Nosotros siempre actualizamos Domo-Sudoku con nuevos contenidos y puedes mantener el contacto con nosotros.

Nous avons actualisé le niveau de difficulté de chaque section de sudoku. Beaucoup de joueurs nous ont dit qu'ils voulaient des grilles plus faciles et qu'ils trouvaient les sudokus classiques trop difficiles. Maintenant, Nous avons une section pour débutants (Starter 9x9). De plus, la difficulté est progressive dans chaque niveau du sudoku classique. Cela n'était pas le cas avant.
Nous actualisons régulièrement Domo-Sudoku avec de nouveaux contenus et vous pouvez toujours rester en contact avec nous.