mercredi 23 septembre 2009

Manga Drawing Book for Beginners

Here is a new 'How to draw Manga' book for beginners from Pearson.
The book is targeted to beginners and will teach you the Foundations of Manga drawing.
It was written by a teacher at Eurasiam/Yutaka - the first European Manga Drawing school. I attended their Manga drawing class for a whole year and learned some interesting tips. Of course, You will never replace a 'real teacher' by a book but it is always good to learn at your own pace . Some two week workshops are offered in Paris during holidays for those who wish to get a complete Manga Drawing experience (Foundations of Manga Drawing , Japanese 101 and Photoshop course are included in the package). The Book is available in French at the moment and includes Flash tutorials.

Check the contents or the dedicated website.

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