dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Tsai Ming Liang - Master Class

Tsai Ming Liang at the Paris Film Festival. He directed "The Wayward Cloud" which won an award at the Berlin International Film Festival. He talked about his childhood and how he began to be  interested in movie making. He was born in Maleysia and went to Taiwan  in order to study Drama. He got his first cinema related job when a studio searched for a trainee while he was attending the university. He was influenced by the French directors of "Nouvelle Vague" (Truffaut), the German directors - Fassbinder, Fritz Lang and also the Swedish born director Bergman. He was very concerned by the lack of interest in Taiwanese movies. He's been selling  tickets for his own movies on the street, at universities, ...

I watched 'The Wayward Cloud" on TV a few months ago. It's rather an unusual movie full of erotic and weird scenes.


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