vendredi 3 juillet 2009

Japan Expo 2009 - Intro

I've just left the Japan Expo 2009 and it's been a hard day. Too many people, too hot. Nevertheless, I took some pictures of the event. As usual, Nice people in costume strike a pose but I wouldn't say the same with the Mangakas from the Clamp Studio. No Photos or video allowed for their 20th anniversary. Step aside ! Well, those bodyguards know how to be convincing. I wasn't the lucky one to get a dedication from this famous studio. They just used a lottery system. Too bad.

The young men from Prince of Tennis were very cool. They introduced the musical in a conference held today. It is based on the famous manga by Takeshi Konomi which appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump. 

New video games were also introduced like Tekken 6, Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles, Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers, Bayonetta, Wii Sports resort, Castlevania, ...

The Sega and Namco-Bandai booths offered many enjoyable moments. Tekken 6 was really awsome on Xbox 360. Bayonetta from Sega  just blew me away. I also look forward to playing Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles.

More to come...

Strike a pose !

Nice !

Clamp 20th Anniversary

Here they are (Clamp Studio) 

Young men from Prince of Tennis (Musical)

Surprise !

Final Fantasy Chronicles -  Crystal Bearers

Bayonetta from Sega

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