samedi 9 mai 2009

Sudoku Game in Java

Last year, I made a sudoku game in java but I realized that it could not work with Windows Machines. You can take a look at it but you must have a MacIntel or PPC Mac.
Java is supposed to be platform independant but you know... You might encounter problems with fonts and bad interactivity with the mouse if you use Windows Machines.

Currently, I am trying to convert this game in Flash But I am rather a novice in ActionScript.
The nice thing is you can play online with the mouse instead of entering numbers with the keypad.

A Flash Sudoku game would bring : Fast loading, compatibility with all platforms, better interactivity and graphics. I even tried JavaFx but I think is still to slow to load. I know people are quite impatient to play games. I will mainly use Beginning Flash Game Programming for Dummies which is a good book for beginners.  For your information, I used a Mac Computer and Javascript to program all the games you can play on this website. The C++ language was used to program the Sudoku Algorithm.  So stay tuned...

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